Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Boxes, boxes everywhere

I'm not exaggerating either. Our house is full of boxes. Thankfully very soon these will all be transferred to our parents, and we're sure they will be delighted.

Our long, wet, summer is drawing to a close. We've managed to keep ourselves busy, mostly organising stuff for moving, however with less than 24 hours till we move everything out it still seems to be all last minute and rushed.

This evening we are off to a farewell BBQ with our church housegroup. Then tomorrow we will fill our hired van and transport all the stuff we have accumulated over the years back to our Mums & Dads. I'm sure it will only seem like yesterday they managed to get rid of it all. We then have only a few hours to get back up to Liverpool with our van or they will charge us an exorbitant amount for late return.

We leave our house for good on Friday, handing over the keys to the two girls who will be renting it. We are staying in Liverpool for the weekend, a farewell meal with friends at our favourite Curry house and then a goodbye meal at church on Sunday.

We then return to the south and have a week with our family before a week on holiday in Portugal with our two little sisters. Then we head for Birmingham and the start of our training.

It still seems a long way off, but in 3 weeks from now we shall be living in Birmingham! We were talking the other day about how strange, and sad, that our days in Liverpool are coming to an end. I've been here 9 years and Becky 6. As long as either of us have lived anywhere. I've now managed 9 years in Thetford, 9 in Grove and Liverpool has completed the set. Hopefully it won't be 9 in Birmingham too!

As Liverpool celebrates it's 800th birthday today, it seems fitting that the celebrations are rounding off our stay here. It's been a great city for us both, we came not knowing the other and leave on a joint adventure.

Dan & Becky

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