Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Good News

When we last wrote KISC (Kathmandu International Study Centre) was having a few issues, but since then we have had some good news. The school achieved it's legal status recently, as before it was only temporary and hadn't been approved by the new government. Now it has more capability to apply for visas and do various other things which a temporary institution wouldn't be able to do.

We have also heard they have found a new site, which is available to move onto in January, in time for our arrival. Although this hasn't been confirmed yet. When we first get out there we'll be living in a hostel owned by the school, before finding our own flat.

We're currently working hard on assignments and are starting to organise our stuff. Working out what we need to take, what we want to take and what don't need. It is already looking like a 'fun' job! We only have 3 weeks left here now and it seems pretty scary that it'll all be over soon and we'll be off.

Other news is that one of the couples who were supposed to be coming to Nepal with us have found out this week that they no longer are. They were supposed to be living in the south of the country but for various reasons they won't be. It's obviously been a bit of a shock for them, but there are some other options open to them elsewhere which they are looking into. It means that they probably won't be going out in January as planned, unless something else gets sorted very quickly.

Last thing is that BMS World Mission (the agency we're going with) website has been relaunched. If you'd like to take a look then go to and if you click on people and places you should be able to find us, although the info is very limited at the moment! You can also use the website to find out a bit more about what they do if you want to.

Dan & Becky

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