Friday, 18 January 2008

Hello From Kathmandu.

Sorry for the delay in keeping in touch - we have had a bit of trouble getting onto our yahoo email at school and home as the network doesn't like it! We have been able to read some of the messages that people have sent - so thank you for those. We will hopefully get it sorted and reply next week sometime.

We've had a good first week here, settled in and enjoying ourselves. We are staying temporarily in a small flat, which is built as part of the KISC hostel which is used for boarding when needed. at the moment it has a lovely American family in it who are teachers at KISC too. The flat is directly behind the zoo, so we can hear Lions roaring regularly, and see the monkeys too - which are really noisy! They howl a lot!

We began our language lessons this week - we have 4 days a week, and one day cultural, so today we are off on a tour of Kathmandu. Should be interesting! There are 8 of us who are new at the school, two other couples - the husbands will both be teaching, and their wives doing other things, and 2 single ladies - both about our age.

Yesterday we spent about 4 or 5 hours at the airport and cargo building collecting our freight - in the end we got it without much hassle at all which was great - we were expecting it to be expensive and a lot of hassle - but it was just lots of waiting around!

Thanks again to those who have been in touch,

Dan and Becky.

P.S. If you'd like to see some photos, try this link:


GGAANN said...

Hi Becky & Dan, wonderful to hear your news, I have been printing out your blogs for Nana, and pasting in the photos from Facebook for her, so she is up to speed

All the best

Anonymous said...


Great to hear from you! Hope you had a great Birthday Dan. How is Nepal? Is your accom. OK?
Hope to keep in touch through blog. Jo has a Psychology exam tomorrow - she has offers from southampton & Aston to study Psychology and is quite keen on Aston (following Hannah's footsteps! Beth has a new horse on loan for a month before buying - so lots of early "mucking out"1 Ben is returning to rugby to play for Paignton. Annie & I are keeping it all running!!
We will keep an eye on the blog to hear your news.
with love & God bless


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan and Becky

Really enjoying hearing your news. Glad that you are settling in. Life at haydock is still the same -exam entries and coursework - how you must be missing it!!


Anonymous said...

Just 'behind' the zoo? Does your accomodation have bars and do people walk past and poke and prod you from time to time or throw you bananas? The monkeys blog read "the lions are always roaring and the new parnells keep us up all night with their snoring.' Haha!
Glad you're settling in ok and didn't have too much hassle getting all your stuff.
Keep up the good work!

Dan and Becky said...

Thanks Jack
Ironically our flat does have bars on the windows. They told us this was to keep other people out, but now I'm suspicious of their motives!
Dan & Becky