Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Back in England

We’ve now been back in England for a month. It’s been a busy month catching up with lots of people and getting ready for the imminent arrival of a baby.
It has been great to see many of you; and those we haven’t seen we will hopefully see sometime soon while we are home.

We have spent a week in Liverpool catching up with friends there, and were also able to go to Wales with our church’s weekend away. The photo on the right is our caravan’s effort into a photo competition, for which we won a Chocolate Orange Selection tub. Sorry they’ve all been eaten. We have also been visiting grandparents, all very excited to be great grandparents soon!

This last weekend we were at the Baptist Assembly in Bournemouth, a good opportunity to catch up with people from BMS world mission and also others that Becky particularly has known for many years from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka days. Dan enjoyed the stories of Becky’s childish antics.

We have also spent a considerable amount of time wondering around shops such as Mothercare and Babies R Us looking for baby things that we will need. This was a little overwhelming at first as we realised we had no idea what we needed. However, we did get our heads around things eventually and think we now have most things ready. We have even packed Becky’s hospital bag and last night went to our first antenatal class, taught by Grandma to be; Becky’s mum! As of today Becky is 37 weeks pregnant and so the baby is classed as full term now and could come any day.

We moved into the BMS house yesterday which we will be staying in for the rest of our time here in the UK. If you’d like to know the address then let us know. We will try and continue to keep you updated using this blog while we are home, and will let you know when the baby is born and put up some pictures .

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