Saturday, 26 February 2011

BMS Day of Prayer

Monday is the 2011 BMS World Mission Day of Prayer. So this afternoon a group of us got together at our house to pray. It was good to spend some time together thinking and praying for the work that BMS are involved with all over the world. We were guided in our prayer by resources from BMS’s own website, which you can download by clicking here.

It’s also a special couple of days as we know tomorrow churches across the UK will be praying for the work of BMS and on Monday the BMS offices in Didcot and others all over the world will also be joining in prayer. So if you want more information follow this link to the BMS Website.

BMS Day of Prayer 2011


Anonymous said...

Hi there, one of your new link churches in leicester is having a prayer meeting today and we shall be remembering you all, especially as KISC returns after the break. We pray too for the nation.

Unknown said...

We remember you in our prayers tonight.

love to you

Rob & Annie x