Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bi-annual Redistribution of stuff!

Otherwise known as the KISC PTA fair. This is a great community event that has been going for a number of years and is so popular that it is now a bi-annual event. This is a great opportunity  for a good clear out as they sell second had books, dvds, clothes and anything else people donate. They usually sell lots of home baked cakes and cookies and some local restaurants with connections to KISC have stalls where you can buy lunch. Students can also have a table if they want to earn some pocket money or to raise money for a good cause. We did well out of it this year as someone donated a big bunch of baby girls clothes so Mim has lots of new clothes for when she turns one!

 KISC is not just a school but a great community. We all feel part of it and get involved in these different events in a way that we wouldn't if it was a school like in the UK. Through the year they have many different community events like this one which are a great opportunity to get everyone together. For example this Thursday is the Primary School  "Kidszone" or talent show. And as a special treat Dan, who now has whole school responsibilities meaning he is included in primary staff, will be involved in the primary staff dance! Should be...  interesting!

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