Sunday, 1 December 2013


So as we had stated in our previous blog this past week KISC was visited by an inspection team from the USA. They were from an organisation known as MSA (Full name: Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools – so you see why we just say MSA) and were looking at all aspects of the school to ensure we were living out our values and providing good education.

The KISC mission statement is “To be living witnesses of Christ’s love through excellent education” and it was agreed that this is what KISC is doing and so we passed! This was a process that was started way back in January as we formed a team to guide the school through the whole process, firstly reviewing every aspect of the school and writing a report on it and secondly setting ourselves objectives and action plans for improving the school over the next seven years.

The inspection team spent 4 days at the school and concluded in their ‘oral’ report that was read to the staff on Thursday that KISC “lives its mission and values though an identifiable integration of faith life and culture”. They also said the school was “vibrant with activity and learning” and that students were achieving or exceeding their academic potential.

After so much work that had been put in by so many staff, students and parents, it was great to be able to hear such positive news on Thursday. Even at 5,000 miles away we were feeling the excitement and joy of the KISC community.

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