Thursday, 15 May 2014


We have booked our flights back to Nepal! We shall be returning slightly earlier than originally planned in mid-July and we are looking forward to it. We shall be returning to the same flat which we have been able to keep on and looking forward to settling back in ahead of the new school year, which starts in early August.

We are starting to sort out our plans for our return and arrange final visits to see friends and family. If we haven’t seen you and you would still like to see us do get in touch as we are filling dates quickly.

One of the reasons for heading back slightly sooner than planned relates to changes that have happened at KISC this year. There has been some changes in the leadership and the governing board are currently working out how to redesign the leadership structure to take the school forward. Dan will have a significant role in this leadership structure, the details of which are currently being worked out and we’ll give you more details before we head back.

If you pray, please do pray for the school, particularly the governing board as they plan and those responsible for taking the school forward next year.

Of course the main focus for this year out has been Dan’s study for his Master’s degree. This has gone well and he is aiming to have the majority of the work done before getting on the plane. There will be some finishing off work to do before the final deadline of his dissertation in September and KISC have agreed to allow Dan the time to work on this as required.

Now we are in the process of gearing up for our return, we will be aiming to return to more regular blog updates and will keep you updated on our preparations and return.

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