Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Last Sunday we were able to spend a day with the EQUIP staff and their families. We shared in our last blog about the work of EQUIP and as a Director of KISC, Dan was invited along to their annual family fun day. The EQUIP staff are a mixture of Nepali’s and Bideshies (foreigners), including Brits, an Australian and American.

We all arrived at KISC at 9:30 on Sunday morning and piled onto the KISC bus with our swimming costumes, games and activities for the day. After a one hour bus journey winding our way across Kathmandu to the furthest corner from where we live we arrived at the Gorkana Forest Resort, a very nice hotel on the edge of the valley.

There were about 35 of us in all with staff, their husbands, wives, children, siblings and parents and we all bundled off the bus and were quickly into the pool. What had been a quiet, empty pool suddenly became full of noise, splashing, fun and games.

Lunch was a full Nepali curry for the grown-ups and chicken and chips and spaghetti bolognese for the children. After lunch we played silly games including carrying cotton wool on your nose and apples between your foreheads. We even got to play parachute games with a parachute that has been donated to EQUIP, and which the children loved.

Finally, we closed by praying for our families and for the work of EQUIP. A great day bonding with staff from all over the world, who are all playing a role in equipping Nepali education for the better.

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