Tuesday, 10 March 2015


This weekend we were invited to the opening of a new café not far from us called “Sisters Café and Beauty”. We were invited to the opening as the managers are parents of KISC students working in Nepal with the Salvation Army.

Several KISC students and staff were at the opening, a few students were singing, others were giving tours, and one student’s artwork was included in the café.

The café has a nice garden setting and so we were able to sit out in the garden, sample some of the free food and drink, listen to the music and the kids even got their faces painted. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

/Artwork from a KISC student.
The crest says Udhar Sena which means Salvation Army
Their website gives some background to the purpose of the café: “Sisters began due to an awareness of the struggle for Nepalese women to gain meaningful employment. Because of this, many women are more vulnerable to poor working conditions. Sisters aims to be a successful business in order to provide a place for Nepalese women to be trained as waitresses, beauticians or chefs.”

This is another example of where KISC parents are playing a part in breaking the cycle of gender based mistreatment and violence. As we mentioned in our last blog BMS World Mission has many resources and ideas as part of its current campaign to raise awareness of gender based violence. 

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Ken A said...

It is great to see positive ideas that really work, being used to help local Nepalese people advance their education and prospects. Well done for this initiative.