Thursday, 22 September 2016

Summer Holidays

8 weeks ago back in July we had our summer holiday in Nepal. We forgot to blog at the time about it, so here we are, just a bit late.

This summer we visited the district of Lamjung, and the town of Bessi-Sahar, where our very good friends and fellow BMS workers have just relocated to work with KISC EQUIP. Simon and Wendy Hall have been in Nepal for about 6 years and Simon worked with Dan very closely for several years as they both taught ICT. They are now working with some of the local schools trying to improve the quality of education in this rural part of Nepal, about 6 hours drive west of Kathmandu. They wrote this fantastic blog a few weeks ago, which we highly recommend reading.

Our drive was mostly good, interrupted by a minor accident about 10 miles from our destination. Our vehicle sliding along the side of a rather large truck. Nobody was hurt, or unduly shocked! We then enjoyed a few days of rural, fresh air. Walks through small villages and alongside raging rivers, playing in waterfalls and damming streams. See the video for some photos and video of the time there.

Following our time in Lamjung, we headed to Pokhara, our favourite destination in Nepal, for a few more days rest and fun with friends, visiting museums and having nice lunches out.
Seems like quite a while ago, but it was a great break.

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