Thursday, 7 June 2018

Changing seasons

The crops are growing
We are reliably informed that monsoon is only a few days away. The heat has arrived mercifully late this year. I’ve only started carrying my umbrella everywhere this week. We need it at all times once the summer begins, either to shade from the sun or shelter from the rain. We also need all weather shoes for sun and rain. The paths quickly turn to mud where we are now on the edge of the city and the roads in the city flood surprisingly fast. Crops are growing everywhere in the fields around our new home in the countryside, corn, potatoes and chillies seem to be the crops of choice near us. Rice is being planted, or will be soon further out of the city.

Arriving at our school farewell, with marching band!
As the season here changes our minds are definitely looking to what is next. We fly in less than 3 weeks, saying goodbye to our home of 10 years. The goodbyes are in full swing. The official school ones have now been done. Including an enormous surprise one with marching band and special school assembly.

We are now taking time to be with close friends when we can. As well as the school work and practicalities of packing up to be finished. Boxes and suitcases are starting to get filled as we’ll be on that plane before we know it!

It's not just our thoughts that are turning to the next step.  We're pushing on with organising practicalities for the UK as best we can from afar.  It is of course much easier in our globally connected world. We’ve just bought a car, so you’ll see us zipping around in a silver ford fiesta this summer! We’re researching schools, churches and neighbourhoods. Dan's applying for jobs and we're close enough in time that he'll actually be able to attend interviews if called. Birmingham remains our destination, unless there is a late twist in the tale.

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