Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Last Day, The First Day

After 11 years and 2 weeks today was our last day with BMS. We started with them in mid-September 2007 when we came to Birmingham to start training. It seems a little poetic that our last day was also spent here in Birmingham, living at the same training centre.

Sam and Mim are settling into their school. It is definitely a learning curve for them and us too, but generally they are enjoying it and doing well. We have managed to connect with a couple of Mums at the school and Becky is planning to go along to the next PTA meeting in a week.

Fish & Chips to celebrate getting work!
Today was also the first day of a new adventure for Dan. He spent today in a school having a trial day for a long-term supply. The school have offered him a maternity cover for the rest of the school year, which he has taken. It is teaching secondary ICT mostly Years 7-9 in a large comprehensive in West Birmingham. Its great for us as a family to have a long term and reliable income as we continue to settle. Becky is also job hunting and has started to apply for jobs.

With that in mind we have also started house hunting close to the children’s school. The flat we are in is great, but it is small and it’s quite a trip to school each morning. It can take from between 10 to 30 minutes to get across there, depending on traffic. So we’re looking for places within walking distance to the school which is in a nice and popular area.

On this last day there is so much we could say and reflect on as our time with BMS comes to a close. We want to thank you all for your interest, support and prayers over the years. The journey turned out to be a lot longer than we expected when we wrote our first blog in 2007. It has been an amazing adventure and a huge part of our lives. We look forward to the next one. But we probably won’t blog about that.

Thank you.

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