Saturday, 12 May 2007

All official now

Well there's no going back now, both Becky and myself have had our replacements appointed. It's brought to us a clear realisation that we are out of here!

I think I've found this harder as I'm more established in my school than Becky. We have both enjoyed strong departments and a good group of friends which we will miss.

We've also realised we're going to be missing at least 3 weddings while we're away, probably more, my Mum's 60th birthday and of course Norwich City's assault on the Championship title next year and their successful qualification for the Champions League the season after. We're definitely disappointed about this (not the football, the other things), but also recognise that this is all part of the sacrifice you have to make to have this amazing opportunity.

We've also been reassured that we're making the right move in the past few weeks. Everything is slotting into place relatively smoothly. Whenever we seem to hit a problem or a snag the solution is quickly apparent.

We are still looking to rent our house. We have some interested parties, but nothing certain yet, so if you do know anybody that is looking to rent a very nice, fully furnished 2 bedroom house in South Liverpool then get in touch!

We're going down to IMC in Birmingham in a few weeks. This is where we'll be living in September. It's a chance to look round and get a feel for what life for 3 months might be like. Hopefully we'll also meet some of the other mid-term people we'll be training with at the same time.



Anonymous said...

I think I know a couple of people who would like a house to rent - they don't like cats though...

Dan and Becky said...

Thanks, I think we've found people for our house now though. Could you sign your name so we know who wrote the message!