Sunday, 17 June 2007


Thought it was time that I added my voice to this blog since Dan has started it off.

Last Saturday (9th June) we went down to Birmingham for the day to see where we would be when we go down in September for 3 months training. We met 2 of the people who run the training as well as some others who will be doing the training with us as they also prepare to go overseas.

While we are there we will have classes each morning, and then some study time each afternoon. We will be doing a variety of courses on the Bible, Christian doctrine, other religions, mission, cross cultural preparation, BMS, practicalities of moving and living abroad and so on.

The training centre is all in one building, where we will live, eat and study. We will have a small en suite room to ourselves, food is fully catered and there are quite a few communal facilities such as a lounge, computer room, gym and library. We are really looking forward to the change from normal life for a term, seeing it as a break from work and a great opportunity to prepare for going abroad. However, we are a little concerned about the lack of private space we will have there, but it is only for one term and I'm sure it will be character building!!

In the last week or so we have found 2 girls from our church here in Liverpool to rent our house, and a friend of mine (and her boyfriend) from uni has agreed to adopt our two gorgeous cats! Which is great news!


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Anonymous said...

Great idea to have this blog. Looking forward to reading all your updates!