Sunday, 30 October 2011

Back "Home"

We have now been back in Nepal for 10 days. Back in our home here in Kathmandu. We both felt as we left England that it had all been a bit rushed and maybe we were coming back too soon. But thankfully since we have arrived back it has felt very much like coming home. Samuel has certainly enjoyed “catching up” with his old friends, and Miriam seems to have settled very quickly, and has even started to settle into a routine, which is great at 8 weeks old.

And for us it has been good too. Dan has certainly enjoyed the first few days back at work. Starting to get back into the swing of things. Walking in on the first day was hard as everyone else was in full swing, and the work related questions came thick and fast forcing him to get his brain back into KISC mode very quickly. Becky is learning to cope with two children at home, she’s enjoyed the first week back, catching up with friends and trying to settle Sam back into his normal routine.

Of course it was hard to say goodbye to our family as they remain back “home” in England. We had a fantastic summer spending time with family, and seeing many friends too. Samuel certainly enjoyed getting to know his grandparents better and loved being able to play with them and have lots of time together – nearly as much as they enjoyed it. But for now, we are back to skype relationships with the family as we settle in back “Home” in Nepal.

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