Thursday, 10 November 2011

URGENT Staffing Needs

There seems to be a common theme about our time here, which we've probably bored you with before now, but it's fairly crucial. Staffing.

Yet again we don't have enough staff for January. We need at least 2 of the following positions filled in time for January term, which starts on the 16th January. If you know anyone that might be suitable, or are interested yourself, get the message out to them to contact Laura Beth Webster at, and get them have a look at our website.

If you don't know anyone, but do pray then please Pray.

Urgent needs for January 2012:
  • Maths teacher
  • English Teacher
  • History teacher
  • Science teacher

There are also plenty of positions needed for the next school year. For more details check out the vacancies page on our website.

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