Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Busy Month

We just realised a month has passed and we haven't updated our blog!

We came to the end of term 1 of this school year at KISC. The term ended on a high with the school production of Pirates of Penzance. They did three performances which went off well. The students worked hard for 8 weeks with several rehearsals every week and it all came together for the "season" at the end of term. By which point they'd all earned a good rest.

Becky's sister Sarah was out for the last week of term and first week of the holidays. We had a great time with her. Becky was particularly appreciative of her help the first week as both Sam and Mim had chest infections and were on antibiotics.

We went to Pokhara with Sarah in the first week of the school holiday for a relaxing break. Becky and Sarah decided to jump of a hill together and go paragliding, which was amazing! Becky has wanted to do this for some time but not been able to when we've been before due to being pregnant or having a baby who was too young to leave. So great to finally get the chance.

It is now the the big Hindu festival of Dashain which is why KISC is on holiday for 3 weeks. Next week are the main days of Dashain so it will all get very quiet as everything closes and many Nepali's in Kathmandu will return home to their villages to be with their families.

Term two then starts at the end of the month and we start the run up to Christmas! KISC is in urgent need of three teachers for various reasons. We need a primary teacher for year 2 as soon as possible. This is URGENT. An existing member of staff is having to cover this as well as their normal job until we can get someone. We also need English and History teachers for the secondary again as soon as possible, but by January at the latest. So as usual pass this information on to anyone you know who is a primary, English or History teacher! If you don't know any then please pray with us that these needs will be met asap!

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