Thursday, 28 February 2013

Time to go home?

As you may already know we are returning to the UK this August for a year. Dan has a place at Oxford Brookes on a Masters course in Educational Leadership and Management. God willing, we will then return to Nepal and KISC at the end of the course for another 4 year commitment.

We have decided to make this move now as we feel the timing was right for a number of reasons. It will be good for us as a family, especially the children, to have some time in the UK with our extended family, as we have now been here 5 years. Dan has reached a point in his work here where he feels further training will be really beneficial in the roles he is fulfilling. He has had so much practical experience in the 5 years here, but all have agreed it will be beneficial for him to do more study, and get more theory, to hang his practical experience on.

Both BMS and KISC have encouraged our decision and are helping us with the different aspects of this move. We will be based in Didcot, staying in a BMS house for the year. Sam will start school in Didcot this September. Becky is hoping to find some part time work to help support us while we are home and Mim will be spending some time with her Grandma Parnell while Becky is at work.

Many other things are already slotting into place nicely for the year ahead (in fact as we've been working on this blog we've been emailed with our flight confirmations!), and we ask that you join us in prayer as we plan to leave one home for another, for just a year. As we pack up here and try to find people to stay in our flat and for all the logistics involved, such as what to do with our all stuff so that they have room for all their things!

We also ask that you pray with us for the children's transition. We haven't told Samuel yet, although he often talks about when will we next go to England (he's had a couple of friends leave recently and this has made him more aware that we live somewhere that isn't where we are from), and so ask for prayer for wisdom as to when we tell him and how we prepare him (and Mim) well for this move.

Then finally we ask you to pray with us for our financial needs for next year. Firstly, that Becky will be able to find a part time job that will fit around looking after the children. One option is teaching locally in Didcot if a job is available, alternatively she is open to doing something else, just no idea what! BMS and KISC as well as a few individuals have already been very generous in offering to support us next year. We will officially be taking a year off from BMS and so will have to raise the money for our living costs for the year. We firmly believe that this year is an important part of the work that we are doing here in Nepal and are trusting in Him for all our needs.

We are so grateful for all the support so many have given us through the last 5 years, most importantly prayer support, but also financial and so we would ask that for your continued support as we change direction for a year rather than leave our work. We will continue to write prayer letters, update our blog and keep you informed of how we are doing. Of course this means we need to ask for financial support, and if you would be interested in finding out more then do contact us.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

godspeed to you. Sounds like a great plan! <>< Ryan