Sunday, 2 June 2013


I’m sure those of you living in the UK are well aware that this month the G8 leaders are meeting in Northern Ireland. And you are probably also aware of the IF campaign that is challenging the leaders of the G8 to do their bit to tackle world hunger, and we to do ours.

The basic point of the campaign is that the world produces enough food for everyone, yet nearly one billion people go to bed hungry every night. The campaign has been backed by a huge number of charities from all walks of life and is focusing on key areas that governments can do something about to make a difference to the poorest of the poor – like many of those who live in

We have been getting behind the campaign too. One of the backers is our mission, BMS world mission, who featured it on their website recently, including a photo of the four of us with spinning flowers, the symbol of the campaign. I also did an assembly on it in school last week and all the secondary students made flowers, many of which are now adorning their lockers. We have even written to our MP about it.  

Over the next two weekends there are BIG IF events in London and Belfast to bring the campaign to a climax. Let’s hope that the G8 leaders get the message and play their part in helping to end hunger. If you want to know more or how you can make a practical difference, check out their website.

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