Monday, 24 June 2013


Wednesday is the end of the year here at KISC so this final week is full of fun activities and farewells for the staff and students as the school year comes to a close. These include locker painting, a splash day, model UN, exam feedback (fun?), final assembly and a formal EOY function and graduation (keep your eye out for some funny videos next week!).

We will then be starting to think about leaving ourselves. However, Dan is hanging around over the summer to get everything ready for the new school year including doing the inductions for new staff and handing over to the principal as she arrives back from furlough at the end of July. She arrives the day I fly out with the kids (29th July), leaving Dan for an extra 10 days to finish off and hand over.

As we have said before, everything seems to be falling into place for next year. Sam has a place at school, we have somewhere to live and we are starting to get a little information about Dan's course.

I am hoping to find some part time work, but still haven't found anything at present. We feel this is a blessing initially as I can be there for the kids as they go through this huge transition, but it would be helpful for us financially for me to have some work during the year. So please pray that the right job will come up at the right time, with good hours as I would ideally like something where I could still take Sam to and from school most days. I think that with this being his first year at school that is really important, especially when everything is going to be so new and different for him, not just school.

Please pray for Sam and Mim through the next few months. Mim is too young to really understand what is going on at the moment, but big enough to notice the big changes when they happen. Sam is starting to understand and has to say quite a few big goodbyes in the next 2 weeks as his friends leave for their summer holidays and don't get back until after we are gone. He is already quite sad about this, so please pray for him as he transitions from here and then as he settles into life in the UK and starts school for the first time in September. These are huge changes for him and we just want to cover him in prayer at this time that it all goes smoothly for him. Please pray for wisdom for us as well that we will prepare him well for this change.

Finally, as Brits, we hate to talk about money, but we need to! As we have mentioned in a previous post both BMS and KISC are giving some support for the next year. However, we are taking a leave of absence from BMS for the year and so need to raise our own living expenses. We are a large way to doing that already but still a little short, unless I get a very well paid job! So if you already support us through BMS and would like to continue to support us directly next year (you cannot support us through BMS next year) then please let us know. If you are interested in supporting us, either with a one off gift or through the year, then please get in touch with us.

Thank you to all who read our blog here regularly, for showing an interest in our life and work here. We look forward to seeing many of you over the next year as we take a break from Nepal, but continue our lives focused on Nepal, as we aim to equip ourselves to come back better able to do the jobs we have been called here to do. Thank you.

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