Wednesday, 14 August 2013

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The packing begins
The title sums up the last 3 weeks in the Parnell family. 3 weeks ago we were in the midst of piles of suitcases, piles of clothes and toys and the rather complex jigsaw puzzle of fitting everything we hoped to take to England into our baggage allowance, and arranging everything we were leaving behind in a liveable manner for the couple taking on our flat.

Sam enjoying the travel
Then 2 ½ weeks ago, Becky, Sam & Mim headed out. Thank you so much for those who prayed for them that day, as the journey went incredibly smoothly and the kids did great. After “The Longest Day” of travelling they arrived at Becky's parents about 24 hours after they had awoken in Nepal. Although it was still technically the same day.

Becky & the kids then had 10 days in England to settle in, renew relationships with the Grandparents and learn about England and it's strange ways. For Mim this was her first time in England since she was 6 weeks old and for Sam England was more a concept than real memories. So it has been great to see how well they have adjusted and how much they are enjoying simple things like a garden, car seats and squash.
Becky & kids arrive home

Dan remained to finish off at KISC, but also start off. His ten days involved finishing off all his work ready to leave Nepal. But last week was also the first week of the new school year and so he was also helping get all that started, and helping new staff to settle into KISC.

Wedding Day
And then came Dan's turn to travel, finishing work at 6pm and flying at 11pm may not be the healthiest way to do it, but obviously it was a lot easier doing it alone. But then within 24 hours of touchdown we were off to a family wedding. This was a great day, and a great opportunity to catch up with one side of Becky's family in one fell swoop.

And then the move. Becky & the kids had been staying with her parents for the last 2 weeks and I joined them for the weekend. But yesterday we were able to move into the house we will be living in for the year. This is the same house we lived in when Sam was born and we are so blessed to have a house for ourselves for the year. It's looking a bit of a mess at the minute, but we are slowly getting unpacked and settling in. Into our house and into the UK.

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