Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Sita Didi
As I plan the next 3 weeks out in my head I realize that my life is about to become a lot of lists. Lists of people to say goodbye to, lists of jobs to be done before we fly, lists of things to leave, lists of things to take, then lists of what goes in suitcases and what goes in hand luggage, what is coming with us and what can wait two weeks until Dan flies back. I could go on with my list of lists!

Then there are the mental lists we are all making, what are we going to miss and what are we not going to miss in Nepal. What are we looking forward to in England and what are we anxious about.

Anyone who has ever made an international move will tell you that the experience is bittersweet. So many exciting things to look forward to, but so much to organize and so many sad goodbyes. Obviously we aren't leaving permanently, but just going for a year, but in a community like this there are many who won’t be here when we return, some we know about now, others we don’t.

So I thought I would try and give you a taste of what all this might feel like by sharing some things from one of our lists with you. So as to avoid this becoming too negative or an exercise in self-pity I will share with you our positives about Nepal and England, what we are going to miss about Nepal and what we are looking forward to in England. So here we go, in no particular order:

Short, sunny, winters
Close community with people from all over the world
Sun all year round
Speaking Nepali
Real rain!
Our local shop keepers who are always super friendly
Rooftop views of the Himalayas
Sita didi, a local lady, who comes into our home to help 4 days a week, including child care.
KISC – our jobs and being part of the community of KISC
Our flat which has become our home, and is the only home our kids have known

Good bacon and sausages
Going to football (Dan)
24/7 power and hot water
Ben and Jerry’s ice cream
Being able to communicate what I need to, in English!
Open green space and parks for the kids to play in
Automatic washing machine
Our respective mum’s roast dinners

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but some of the things that come to mind as I write. We are really excited about our impending move to the UK and all that the next year has in store for us, but sad to be saying some goodbyes, but also glad they are not forever.

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