Thursday, 21 August 2014

New Schools

Bagged up ready for school
It’s all about new schools for the smaller Parnell’s at the minute. Sam has now completed 2 ½ weeks of school at KISC. He has settled extremely well and is thoroughly enjoying school. I think Sam was made for school, it suits his character so well to be in that kind of structured environment! He is in year 1 now, in a class of about 14 students, but with 4 more intending to join in the next few months. It is a very male dominated class so they’ll be glad to have a couple more girls joining soon.

He has joined football club as well and is getting a chance to develop some skills and is enjoying the fact he gets to go to other classrooms each day as he has several subjects, like ICT, Art and PE in other classrooms with different teachers. And he gets to see Daddy most days.

Not only Sam, but Mim  has started school with her first day at pre school on Monday. We waited a little before starting her so we could potty train but also to make sure she was really settled before starting. Mim is a social butterfly and craves company so she is ready for preschool and the time with other children. She will do 3 mornings a week for now. She enjoyed her first morning, although not the traditional Nepali Dhal baht they had for lunch! How we have ended up with a girl who is growing up in Asia but won’t eat rice I don’t know.

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