Monday, 4 August 2014

A New School Year

Tomorrow (5th August) the 2014-15 school year officially begins at KISC. It began today informally with a PTA arranged prayer and worship time followed by lunch together as a community so that parents could pray for the staff and the year ahead.

Sam is excited to be starting in Year 1 at KISC tomorrow, and looking forward to meeting more of his class (we have already met a few).

Welcoming new staff on our first staff training day
Dan had to hit the ground running on our return (just one day to get over jet lag) to make sure everything was ready for new staff inductions which have been happening over the past few days and to get everything ready for the students tomorrow. As I write this he is putting the final touches on the whole school assembly he is running tomorrow.

So we have had a very busy start, but we are all glad to be back. In many ways it doesn’t feel like we’ve even been away.

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