Sunday, 7 December 2014

Fever Court

Sports fever has hit KISC in the last couple of weeks as our sports teams, and one in particular have taken part in various competitions. For a small school (just over 100 secondary students) we have a few sports teams and are reasonably competitive. We have a very hard working swim team during the swimming season (summer – it’s too cold to swim now), a girls basketball and football team that have taken part in competitions and our newly (re)formed boys football team took part in its first competition for a number of years last weekend.

But the number 1 sports team at KISC is our Basketball team. Back in 2012/13 they went about 25 games unbeaten and won so many trophies we didn’t have room for them in our trophy cabinet at school. The sports department at KISC has put on a couple of basketball competitions in the past (known as the KISC Friendship Tournament) but we have always had to host them at other schools. But last week for the first time we were able to host the competition in our own basketball court, which is now about a year old (see previous blogs here and here).

The winners (Picture courtesy of
While the team haven’t been on quite such a rich vein of form as 2 years back they are still a strong team. The core of the team, and in fact the starting 5 has been the same for the past 3 seasons. This certainly proved decisive as the KISC team won their group and got through the quarters to the semi-final without hardly going behind at any point. The semi-final was a tighter game but they still won convincingly. The final, held yesterday (Saturday) was a much tighter game and the opposition, Liverpool International, certainly pushed them hard and had quite a lead at one point. But the strength and unity of the KISC team meant they eventually won 70-54 to ensure success in our own tournament.

I then got to present the winners and runners up medals to the teams. The competition, and therefore KISC, got some good coverage on one of the local news websites and there was a real community atmosphere at several of the games, especially in the later stages as many other students, staff and parents came to cheer the boys on. And one of the best things was that it was on our own court.

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