Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Site Maintenance

The back wall of the hall rebuilt
We have returned this week from a lovely holiday in Australia visiting Dan’s sister & husband and getting some rest and break from all things earthquake related.

While we have been gone work has been pressing ahead on the KISC site. The summer break is always the key time for maintenance work to be done on the site, whether it’s moving classrooms, painting, building extensions or repairing damage, the summer is the best time as it’s the longest break.

Boundary wall, this now looks better
than before 
Astroturf under the climbing frame
This year is no different, but with two added additions. 

Firstly, the earthquake did inflict some relatively minor, but significant damage on the school. One of the walls in the school hall came down, a staircase in a small building was rendered unsafe and a few other boundary walls fell down. You can watch a short video here to see a summary of the damage inflicted at KISC. Secondly, as KISC has been growing for some time we have been running short of space and about the time of the earthquake we were able to rent a new adjacent property. This has meant that our teacher training team, communications, finance and Kindergarten have moved into the new property, freeing up much needed space for classrooms on the main site, a busy summer of work for our maintenance staff.

The new building, which will house Kindergarten, complete
with Kindergarten friendly play equipment
As is usually the case with just under 2 weeks until the students come back there is a lot of mess around and the question, “Will it all be ready?” is close to our lips, but as always our great maintenance team will do a great job to get it ready on time and looking great for the return of our students.

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