Saturday, 22 August 2015

A New School Year

Walking to school in the Monsoon
We are now into the third week of our new school year.

We're yet to feel settled into a regular routine as a family yet (or maybe that's just me figuring out how my routine works around everyone else's!), but it has been a good start.

Dan is finally breathing easy again after a manic two weeks beforehand getting everything ready, with the added pressure of still having urgent staffing needs. KISC was able to recruit a primary class teacher the day before staff started back and she was already in country and ready to start the next day! An English teacher arrived this week from the UK and is able to teach the exam classes. Ideally they would love to have a second English teacher, but can manage with non specialists teaching the junior classes. The Secondary principal formally took over at the start of term and so Dan is feeling like he can get on with his own job rather then everyone else's (especially now he's not covering year 11 English!).

Sam is loving year 2 and his new schedule. They have shortened the school day from 8.10-3 to 8.10-2.10 with optional clubs from 2.10-3.10 Monday-Thursday. So Sam is enjoying Nepali, Art, Chess and Motor skills clubs each day after school. Mim is doing well too, enjoying being back with her friends at preschool - but with half an eye looking forward to being at KISC in one year!

I have carried on teaching year 7 geography, and have also taken on some ESL. I'm still finding my feet with the ESL, but looking forward to getting more into it. Life is also busy as I coordinate with fellow BMSer, Wendy Hall, for this year's BMS Action Team. We will be jointly responsible for 4 girls aged 18-21 for 6 months from October-March as they volunteer here in several local organisations as part of their gap years.

Wendy, and her husband, Simon, will be taking the bulk of this responsibility though as we take our home leave this Christmas. We will be back in the UK from 19 Dec - 2nd March. After 7 1/2 years in Nepal this will be our first "normal" home leave with no babies or masters degrees! We are available for speaking engagements from 9th January - 24th February. If you would like us to speak at your church or related activity while we are back then you need to get in touch with BMS church relations team by 14 September to book us in.

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