Sunday, 28 January 2018

2 weeks to go

The main building nears completion
In January 2008 KISC moved to its current site in Dhobighat, its 5th site in its, then, 21 year history. Now after a decade at the site, the longest KISC has remained anywhere it’s time to move again. For hopefully the last time (at least in a very long time!)

We now have just 2 weeks left at the school in Dhobighat. We arrived in Nepal just as KISC was moving onto this site, and we saw the first day of school and the official opening ceremony here. Now we will see the last day of school there and help oversee the move to the new location.
The school will finish on Thursday 8 February, and Friday 9 is “pack up day” – although work is starting before then – we hope to have the whole school packed by the end of the day. A small army of staff as well as parent and student volunteers will have a busy day. Then a fleet of trucks will move all the furniture, equipment, school books and everything else that we have up the hill to the new site over the next few days.

Lights on in the corridor
It will then be a busy week of unpacking, setting up classrooms, working out where everything goes (including students as there is a lot more space!) and getting ready to open for classes on the 21st. Although I’m not overseeing the development project, I am working very closely with the person who is, especially now as we get closer to the move. I’ve been to see the school development several times in the last few weeks. It’s always exciting and scary. Exciting as we see the potential, the progress and things coming into place. Scary as I see the work that still needs doing.

Dan's office is coming on - with adjacent balcony!
It has been an amazing 10 months since the work started on the site, and we know that the next few weeks will be challenging, hard work and exciting. They have built one 3 story building from scratch (see top photo), as well as developing 2 existing building. We expect all the classrooms to be ready on time (although the last few will be down to the wire), as well as a basketball court (very important). We are excited that soon after opening we’ll have a new sports site, thanks to the success of the walkathon and we know that as soon as we move in thoughts will go to further developments and additions. But the next 2 weeks are going to be fun.

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