Friday, 5 January 2018

A New Year and a new home.

Our new flat
Moving Truck
This was our final Christmas in Nepal, and a rather busy one. We had a 3 week break from school, so we spent the first week resting after a busy term and slowly beginning to pack – as well as some end of term sickness unfortunately. We then took a few days to celebrate Christmas including lots of singing and dancing (not by us!), a roast dinner and a picnic with friends on Boxing Day.

Then on the 27th we began packing with some urgency and moved on the 28th. We have moved to a small flat 7km away from our old one on the outskirts of the city. While this may seem crazy just 6 months before leaving, it has meant we have already downsized a lot and so
will have less to clear out in the summer. It also means we are just 10mins walk from KISC’s new site. KISC will move in mid-February and so will make our last few months here much easier.

Moving was interesting, but actually went very smoothly. We hired a small truck plus driver and two moving men who had to do 3 runs between the houses to get everything shifted. Dan also did about 5 runs in 2 days in the schools vehicle which we borrowed.

Enjoying more space and spectacular views.
The third week of our holiday was then spent settling in. We had to begin by squeezing all our stuff into a much smaller flat plus all the niggling DIY issues of a new house. We’ve had an electrician in 3 or 4 times, plus a plumber. We’ve also had to figure out where to get things in a smaller town which isn’t used to foreigners. Took us nearly a week to discover there is a dairy nearby where we can get fresh milk. Today we got our two empty gas bottles replaced (essential for cooking and hot showers!) and so feel nearly there.

Monday we start the new school term and the new commute, but also celebrate 10 years in Nepal. We will have a small housewarming party tomorrow (Saturday) to mark the occasion.

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