Sunday, 29 May 2011

Update on Needs

Hi all.
Our last blog was written just over two months ago. Sorry for the long delay. Just wanted to update on our staffing needs.

Well since we last wrote we have been blessed with several teachers. The primary school in particular have seen many teachers come forward, and they are now in the position of potentially having too many teachers, as we actually don't have enough classrooms for any more classes, even though we have enough students. It's a good position to be in!

The secondary school are now looking well staffed for August too, although we still have a couple of needs. We have no Art teacher for August and so we are in desperate need of an Art Teacher to come for August. If you know of anyone do let us know. We also could do with an English teacher, although we can cope without, it would relieve a lot of burdens off several other staff. And we also need History and Study Support Heads of Faculties for January. If you know of anyone, send them our website link:

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