Monday, 13 August 2012

KISC – 25 years

This weekend KISC has celebrated 25 years. 25 years of God’s faithfulness and goodness. 25 years of educating the children of mission workers and supporting much great work that is taking place across Nepal.

Alan and Margaret McIlhenny unveil a painting of KISC's History
The weekend kicked off with a community praise and worship evening, the highlight of which was stories from Alan McIlhenny, the founder of KISC. He shared one story about the starting of KISC, where a few months before the planned start they had just 3 students, a building, but no money and another story about being arrested just 2 weeks after KISC started. Two police officers laden with guns came to KISC to arrest him, but as they didn't have a vehicle Alan drove them both, to 3 different police stations, picking up a couple  more police men at each station before they got to the head police station in Kathmandu. Upon arrival Alan was interviewed by the Chief of Police who asked him many questions about KISC and it's values (bear in mind at the time it was illegal for Nepalis to be Christians). The Chief of Police concluded the questioning by asking if his son could be enrolled.

Year 7 Students performing a dance
Friday started with a whole school assembly in the morning, a key part of which was every class putting an item in a time capsule which will be opened in 25 years at the 50th Anniversary. Items included photos of the classes, profiles on the "Students of 2012", USB stick with photos of the school and current music, a coke bottle and a test tube filled with a strand of each students hair from one class. Each class also brought forward a tree, which we are plan to plant in the future on a permanent site. For now they will remain potted. The significance of the tree is that in the last year KISC has been discussing what we want our students to be like after KISC and the key element we decided was “Oaks of Righteousness” from Isaiah 61. 

This was followed by a Formal programme where guests included a government minister and a couple of government secretaries, the head of the British Council and the British School, the heads of UMN, INF(the Christian NGO’s that helped set up KISC),  ECEC (a key partner in teacher training) and HDCS (KISC’s owners). Histories where told and future visions shared and it was announced that a new agreement has been signed with the Nepali government for KISC to continue to function in Nepal for the next five years. A great answer to prayer after a lot of work with the government from our board.

Fun and Games on Saturday
Friday evening was a talent show, as many students some parents and a few staff got up and performed a variety of acts, ranging from piano solos to a rock band to traditional Nepali dances and a couple of skits. The evening was a lot of fun, and showed off a lot of talent from amongst our students in particular.

Birthday cake!
Then onto Saturday, and the culmination of festivities. Over 200 staff, parents, students and other connected people headed up to a hotel in the hills on the edge of the valley for a fun day that included swimming, games, a birthday cake, anniversary dinner and a final praise and worship service. This being monsoon the rain also played a part and ensured that many of the games where played in downpour, and Sam and his friends had lots of fun splashing in the puddles. However, the rain didn't put a dampener on a fun day.

So 25 years of God’s faithfulness was remembered with a successful 3 days of celebrations. Here's to the next 25 years!

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