Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Summer Holidays

I was just looking at the statistics for our blog and the number of viewings have shot up in the past few months. Not sure why! But Welcome to our blog if you are a new reader. And thank you for sticking with us and showing an interest in our work and lives if you've been around for a while!

We feel like the pressure is on now to write more often! Do feel free to engage on here with us - responses to our blog posts or if there are things you want to know more about then let us know. With the comments section on our blog we get quite a few spam messages so we have set it to approve all comments you write. So don't worry if it doesn't appear straight away. We will get an email telling us that you have commented and then we have to go and approve it - then it will appear.

So we are nearly coming to the end of our summer holidays. We have our holidays in July and start back in August just as everyone in England is settling into the middle of your long summer! (Or not very summery as it seems this year!)

As we’ve already written about we have had a whole lot of new staff arrive this summer. So it’s been a busy few months. Before they arrived we were involved in flat hunting, trying to find suitable places for them to live and then lots of emails about what they need and don't need to bring.

Then finally they arrived. So the past month has been a lot of shopping trips, showing people where to buy their groceries, where to buy household things and also some more fun trips such as where are nice places to take your kids - swimming, the zoo, cafes with gardens and playrooms. There is one family who have just been here a week now that have got a "new" house that hasn't been rented before so they have to buy everything! (The other families have moved into flats which were previously rented by expats so have inherited a lot of things). So imagine what you would need to buy moving into a house for the first time when you have virtually nothing. It's like starting at university again - except now you are a family of 4! Pots and Pans, plates, cutlery, hoover, fridge, fans, cot, mop and bucket, iron, etc etc etc... and all in a new country where you don't know how anything works.

 We have also had Dan's parents out for 2 weeks during the holidays. It is their second trip since we have been here, and the first since we have had the kids. They enjoyed taking Sam and Mim to some of their favourite places in Kathmandu and seeing how we spend our days. We were also able to squeeze in some site-seeing and a trip down to Pokhara. As I've said before the kind of relationship Sam and Mim have with their grandparents is very different as they don't see them as often. However, through skype and photos around the house they know who they are and it always surprises me how quickly they are playing and interacting with them, as if they see them all the time. So it has been really great to have 2 weeks when they could spend time together, having fun and sharing in our lives here. So it’s been a busy but enjoyable summer.

KISC starts back tomorrow for the staff and then the students are back (or starting for the first time) on Tuesday next week. KISC celebrates its 25th Anniversary next weekend. So we have three days of activities going on which include a talent show, a family fun day and services of thanksgiving and prayer for the future. A busy but pretty great start to the year! If you’re interested in seeing what is going on then you can “like” KISC on facebook, or go to their website:

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