Thursday, 9 August 2012

KISC Celebrations

Just a quick post today to remind you that KISC starts its  25th Anniversary Celebrations today.

The schedule for events is as follows:

Thursday 6-8pm: Evening worship service and weekend kick-off
Friday 8.20-9.20am: Special joint assembly
           10am-12.30 Formal anniversary programme
           6-8pm: Talent show
Saturday 2-8pm: Family fun Day
               4pm Celebration Cake and refreshments
               5.30: Dinner
               6.30-8pm: Worship and Prayers for the future

The picture and quote from Dan is part of a series of 25 that have been appearing on the KISC website over the last 25 weeks in the build up to the event. To see more (although not all 25!) go to

You can watch some of the events from where you are by the live stream links below:

Anniversary Worship Celebration - goes live on Thursday, August 9 at 6:00 PM local Nepali time.

Friday Formal programme, which will be attended by Government ministers and other local dignitaries - goes live at AM local Nepali time (although programme won't probably start till nearer 11am). 

Talent Show - goes live on Friday, August 10 at 6:00 PM local Nepali time.

We will update again next week to let you all know how it went. But for those that pray then join us as we give thanks to God for his provision for the past 25 years and as we pray and look to the future.

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vanessa rye said...

Good to hear the celebrations went well. We were praying for you at Didcot Baptist Church on Sunday 5th August. I had a display of all my Nepali souvenirs. Every blessing to all in Kathmandu.