Friday, 5 July 2013


Last week we celebrated the end of another year. This was the sixth school year we have been a part of at KISC since we arrived in 2008. Some of the students who graduated last week were in Year 7 when we arrived (it’s possible to graduate at the end of Year 12 from KISC). They were also the first students to graduate who attended the KISC primary school which opened it’s doors seven years ago.

Freshly painted lockers
It was another good year – and we ended with a high. As part of the last week of school we carried out a Model UN which all the secondary students were involved in, representing different nations and debating difficult issues. To see some of them rise to the occasion and make intelligent, passionate arguments, including some students who struggle to do well in class at times, was exciting. Some of these students are potential future UN and EU diplomats and world changers and this was in evidence already.

We also had the first secondary school splash day – basically a big water fight masquerading as an organized activity. The student council had requested it as the primary school have had one for a few years and they then organized the event. The students also painted their lockers ready for the next year – and had some great designs.

Last Wednesday – the final day of school – saw the end of year assembly where many students and staff were farewelled and, as has become a tradition, some of the staff made fools of themselves (See the first video – I’m wearing the green t-shirt).

Then in the evening we had the formal graduation ceremony/end of year celebration. This year it was attended by a former prime minister of Nepal along with most students, many parents and the staff. It was also great to see many fo
rmer students who made the event. Some were older brothers or sisters of current students others were just back in the country for one reason or another – but they were all back and enjoying celebrating KISC.

After the graduation the party was started with an excellent flashmob organized by the students – which I also managed to get myself involved in (see second video). A great end to another great year. 

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