Monday, 21 July 2014

Time to Fly

Well it doesn’t seem very long ago that we were just arriving in England, and now we are pretty much all packed and ready for our return flight tonight.

We have a very excited little boy and a slightly bemused younger sister! They are having lots of fun counting suitcases and climbing over them while we count the kilos and try not to stress!

We have had a great year here in the UK, enjoying family and friends, good food and green parks. We are also looking forward to being back in Kathmandu, catching up with friends and getting back into work at KISC.

It’s just the bit in between that we dread, the goodbyes and the journey, but it’s the shortest bit of this strange life we lead and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love our two lives in two homes on two continents.

We thank you again for taking an interest in our lives and the work we do. God has been good to us this past year in the UK and we trust in him for his full provision for all our needs this next year in Nepal.


Ken Ansdell said...

May God speed and bless you home to Nepal

Roger said...

Praying for you on you journey and in your new responsibilities. Roger for Littleover Baptist