Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Activity Week – Primary style

Last week was Activity week at KISC. This an annual event where the secondary students go on trips around the country (we blogged about this in 2008, but realised we haven't since - one for next year). However, this year Dan stayed at school to hold the fort and help out with Primary’s Activity week. This was also our first year as parents of Activity week and rather than us write about what happened, we thought we would ask Sam about the week.

What happened last week at school?
Activity week was about spies. We were learning about spies

So what did you do each afternoon?
I went to the hall and started my activities. There were games and I went to the very top of the building and just there was the art room so we did art. And then a friend of mine in my class, Naomi, her mummy taught us a bit about spies, she called them agents instead of spies. The spies were finding out about God and Jesus

What was your favourite part of each day?
The games.
Primary Staff in their Spy Costumes

What things did you make during the week?
(He goes to get them to show me) An I spy shaker, binoculars, name tag, a bookmark and a couple of drawings and a box to keep my spy things in. And it’s painted red.

How did each day end?
We went to assembly and there was a drama.

Tell me about the drama
Mr Sheenan, the year 2 teacher, we called out for him because we loved his character. His character was an officer called Inspector NoClue. And my Daddy was really funny. I laughed at lots of bits. Daddy was a bad man.

What did you have to wear on Thursday?
A spy costume. I wore a black jumper and black t-shirt and jeans and sunglasses and a hat.

Did you enjoy the week? Are you looking forward to Activity Week next year?
Yes! I can’t wait till Spy week again

(At this point the interview ends as I have to disappoint the interviewee by pointing out that the theme won’t necessarily be spies again next year!)

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